MEMO to Muscatine Grain Customers....
A few things to note as we enter the New Year here at Muscatine GPC.
Our new scales are fully functional and operating very well since their inception in late 2016.
This in addition to our new grain lab are just the first steps to streamline the grain receiving process in Muscatine.
The next step to the aforementioned process is to expand our receiving capacity and use both probes for a period of time each day.

Beginning Monday, January 9 from 9 am to 1 pm 
Muscatine GPC Grain Lab will be testing the operations of using both probes at the same time,
Muscatine Corn Schedule 2 was added in order for you to schedule additional appointment times for that time frame.
We will observe this process over the course of a week and make any necessary adjustments we see fit from that point forward.

Please Adhere to the Muscatine GPC Scheduling and Delivery Rules below:
  • All loads must be pre-scheduled in Full Slate.
  • The scheduled appointment is defined as a specific TIME AND DATE to deliver corn to GPC.
  • Please reschedule an appointment if you miss your appointment time.
  • Due to space limitations we advise you not to show up any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • Truck drivers are allowed to keep cell phones and communication devices in the cabs of their truck ONLY
  • At no time are the Devices to be present and used outside of the cab of the truck.
Please note.... There has been some complaints have come from Muscatine Power and Water regarding blockages to their driveway from time to time. The city reserves the right to ticket any individuals who is parked in front of the MP&W driveway and will do so if deemed necessary.


We look forward to a successful and prosperous new year and as always appreciate your business.




Contact GPC Grain Desk for questions or concerns 800-472-8937


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